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Carrollton’s second album, Sunlight and Shadows, set to release September 18, is a hopeful testimony about that life in which beautiful, mountaintop days of sunshine mix with days in the shadows. Band members Jordan Bailey (bass), Michael Loy (drums), Jeremy Menard (lead guitar) and Justin Mosteller (lead vocals and guitar) bring listeners on the journey with them through powerful, faith-filled lyrics and driving beats. “The message of what we’re doing is that we believe God is with us in the good and the bad, and often in the mundane in-between” Justin says. “We’re trying to share that with people. We just want to put our hearts out there and see hope rise up.”

Trust in each other, in God and in their label, Centricity Music, led the band through the intense creation of Sunlight and Shadows. The band and producer Tedd T (for King & Country, Newsboys), collectively decided to start almost from scratch in the studio in spring 2015, rewriting songs they already had and creating new tunes over a total of eight days. “We knew from day one that we could have nothing at the end of it,” says Justin. “But what we came out with was stuff we loved.”